Sunday, March 09, 2008

Liberalism & The 2008 DNC Primary (A Match Made in Hell)

I had to laugh this morning. I awoke and decided to turn on the Chris Matthew’s show. I was welcomed to Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell and 3 other liberal media elites arguing over who should be the next President? Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Yes you read me right. Who will be the next President not the Democrat nominee LOL. NBC & Chris Matthews decided to do a full timeline of the Democratic Primaries and caucuses as if they were documenting the timeline and rise of Jesus Christ. They even did satire of the movie “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray has to relive the same day over and over. I guess it was their attempt to show how this primary season keeps going on and on and on and nothing seems to change and how the liberal media elites do not have their decisive leader yet.

Watching this liberal media show made me have a revelation. It made me analyze this entire Democrat Primary process and the entire ideology of liberalism. Everything that is going on in this Democrat Primary is exposing all the massive flaws of liberalism. Let’s examine this further and look at a few examples. First off, liberals despise personal responsibility for their actions. Whether they want to kill an unwanted baby through an abortion or they have a President who waves their finger at 300 million Americans and claims “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” and a Democrat partisan Senate that decides its ok for a President to lie under oath. Whether they deny their own vote to send men and women to war in IRAQ like Hillary or whether they continually vote to fund the IRAQ war they claim they have always been against like Barrack Obama. Liberals never take personal responsibility for their actions. Look at all their socialist proposals. Hillary wants to put a freeze on mortgage interest rates and also a moratorium on home foreclosures. People who may have a house foreclosed on, do not own a home! They own a LOAN!!! All that is doing is denying responsibility and consequences for irresponsible lenders and borrowers who made horrible financial decisions. Let’s also look Barrack’s or Hillary’s Free Universal Health Care Plans. First off there isn’t one American alive in the USA who is denied Health Care. Any person regardless of income or even legal status who enters an emergency room will be cared for whether they have a dime in their pocket or not. The 47 million people the liberals claim who are uninsured, CHOOSE to be uninsured. Low income earners are already granted Medicaid, SCHIP or other state funded insurance programs. People who CHOOSE not to have Health Insurance can afford it, yet have denied their responsibility and CHOOSE not to purchase it. So whose responsibility is it again????

You may ask, how does this liberal pattern of lack or responsibility relate to the Democratic Presidential Nomination process? Well the Democratic National Committee decided their nomination process and rules quite a long time ago. On February 2, 2007, the Democratic Party published “Call for the 2008 Democratic National Convention”, the rules governing the convention. There will be 3,253 pledged delegates, those committed to vote for a particular candidate, selected by primary voters and caucus participants on predetermined official primary and caucus dates. Under DNC rules, in order to secure the nomination at the convention, a candidate must receive at least 2,025 votes from delegates (a simple majority of the 4,048 delegate votes, bearing in mind half votes from territories) Yet in typical fashion, liberals in Florida & Michigan decided not to follow their own party’s rules. The Florida State legislature (with all 42 Democrats in the House and all 14 Democrats in the Senate voting yes on House Bill 537), decided to move forward the date of their state's primary to January 29th. In response, the Democratic National Committee has ruled that Florida's 210 delegates will not be seated, or, if seated, will not be able to vote, at the National Convention. Furthermore, the DNC has also stated that it will forbid any candidate from receiving Florida delegates should they campaign in the Florida primary. "We have 49 other states as important as Florida is to our democratic process and to our country," said Alexis M. Herman, co-chair of the DNC rules committee. "There is a fairness principle here." Then Michigan moved its primary to January 15, 2008, also in violation of party rules. On December 1, 2007, the Democratic National Committee voted to deny Michigan’s request to hold its primary on January 15 and declared that Michigan’s 157 delegates would not count in the nominating contest unless Michigan moved its primary to a later date. That said, the liberal leaning Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the primary could go ahead as scheduled. The liberal elitists (like the Clintons) are now trying to ignore the DNC rules and consequences they themselves decided and voted on. They are trying to conjure up a way to change the rules in the middle of the game and have Florida and Michigan primary votes be counted. Michigan & Florida did not take responsibility for their primary process and broke the rules! They must now suffer the consequences!! Simple as that!

Let’s take another aspect of liberalism that has exposed itself in the DNC Presidential Nomination process. Liberals and Liberal politicians see themselves as elitists. From Nancy Pelosi to John Kerry to Hillary Clinton to Barrack Obama. They all see themselves as the savior to every Americans problem. They are constantly reminding people how inferior they are. They constantly tell Americans that they have lost in IRAQ or the economy is horrible or you can not afford health care or you can not send your kids to college. They tell you that the only way you can have or accomplish those things is through them and their Government programs. They say they will end the war and bring troops home. They tell you that they will create jobs and they will give you free health care and free college tuitions. You are told time and time again that you can’t accomplish any of that on your own. These liberal elitists think you are too stupid and inferior! They know what is best for you and your family and will lay out all these socialist programs that cost trillions of tax payer dollars! You may ask, how does this liberal pattern of pompous elitism relate to the Democratic Presidential Nomination process? On February 2, 2007, the Democratic Party published “Call for the 2008 Democratic National Convention” The DNC decided there will be 794 unpledged delegates, those free to vote for any candidate, colloquially known as superdelegates. The superdelegates consist of DNC members, Democratic Congress members and Governors, and other prominent Democrats. In other words these are super elitists Democrat politicians who know way more than the American voters. The Democrat National Committee decided that the Democrat registered voters were not smart enough to figure out who was best to be their nominee. They decided that there had to be some super elitist group of people called “SUPER DELEGATES” to have the final decision! If that isn’t the most pompous arrogant thing I have ever heard? Thus far there have been over 35 million registered voters in this year’s Democrat primary. And the DNC elitists have decided that your votes may not count! These super elitist delegates will have the final say!

So in conclusion, Do you think this is what our Founding Fathers had in mind for America? Did John Adams, James Madison and Ben Franklin think that Americans should deny all personal responsibility when they developed the Constitution? Did Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and Robert Morris all think that they knew better than the American people and decide their voice and votes didn’t matter nor count? Liberalism and the Democrat Party are destroying what our Founding Fathers created and what this nation was built on. The question remains…. Will you sit back and let it happen?


At 3/12/2008 7:08 PM, Anonymous strmclouds said...

you mean the left will change the rules in the middle of the game? where's the outcry from the left about cheating in elections? Someone needs to check diebold the dems are being swindled again....only this time they are eating their own.God bless


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