Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

I feel like I could just hit the play button of what I said November 8th, 2006 but instead I Think I will pick up where Michelle Malkin & Rush Limbaugh left off today>

Ah so here we are again 2 years later & I'm forced to give another "I Told You So" speech. I won't be surprised if many of you stop reading at this moment due to the guilt & shame you must feel, but if you have the courage> READ ON.

If you don't have the courage to read on maybe you can go HERE

How many times did we hear many of you Rudy or McCain supporters beat the "ANYONE BUT HILLARY DRUM"? No need to deny it now...You know who you are.....

Many of you people tried to force a RINO Populist down our throats under the guise "He is the ONLY one who can beat Hillary" or "It takes a CENTRIST to beat Obama"

In the beginning you tried to push RUDY onto us conservatives. Then when it was clear he made an idiotic choice to skip Iowa and New Hampshire, you jumped on the Liberal Media Bandwagon to pick McCain.

You were brainwashed to believe McCain was what we needed. Ignore all your core conservative principles all for the sake of WINNING?

You insulted us for pointing out McCain's liberal proposals like Amnesty, being against Bush Tax Cuts, against ANWR or spewing the Al Gore Global Warming crap. You mocked us for standing up for our core conservative values.

Well guess what? You all got your wish. It did end up anyone but Hillary. Just like Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and the 2006 Congressional Election, every time the GOP nominates moderate populists they get their ass kicked!

Conversely, every time the GOP runs a true conservative values campaign like Newt's Contract with America or we nominate true conservatives like Eisenhower or Reagan, they win in a huge landslide fashion!!

Many of you will now have 2 years to find the error in your ways. Until Christian Conservatives unite & stand by our core values & principles, you will continue to see election nights like last night or the one in 2006!!

So until you people get your head out of your ass and start fighting for and trumpeting conservative values, our nation will continue to erode into a Godless socialist state of deterioration & disrepair.

You think I enjoy writing this? Someone once asked me.... "Would you rather be right or happy?" I looked straight at the person and said.... "You seriously expect me to fall for that logical fallacy?"

That argument is a typical example of false dichotomy. My choice is clear... "I want to be RIGHT & HAPPY" therefor I want to be a CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE & WIN ELECTIONS!!!

Ok I'm finished for now... for all you intellectually honest Americans my tip jar is here (_) For all you people still in denial, you can buy voodoo dolls to stick me with HERE


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