Friday, October 09, 2009

TOP 10 Responses heard after OBAMA won the Nobel Peace Prize

TOP 10 Responses heard after OBAMA won the Nobel Peace Prize (UPDATES)

10. Did the Nobel Committee really feel that bad over Chicago losing the Olympic bid?
9. I guess the Nobel judges skipped the talent portion of the peace prize competition this year
8. The French judge must have given him a Perfect 10 for artistic impression.
7. How was ACORN able to infiltrate the Nobel Committee?
6. Nobel Scoring System= (Racial Beer Summit= 10 pt's)(Appeasing Muslims= 20 pt's) (Condemning or apologizing for the USA= 30 pt's) (Banning the phrases "War on Terror" and "Terrorism"= 40 pt's) (Denying the USA is a Christian Nation= 50 pt's) (Doing the best Jimmy Carter Impersonation= priceless)
5. He must have been the 10th caller.
4. Did Saturday Night Live do another Obama skit already?
3. When did Cracker Jack start placing Nobel Peace Prizes in the Box? I'd rather have the stickers & tattoos!
2. Damn it Ashton Kutcher! I just got PUNK 'D didn't I?

And the Number 1 response heard after OBAMA won the Nobel Peace Prize?
1. Where's Kanye West when you need him?

Update 1: Lunatarians demand a recall after Obama bombs moon!!!
Update 2: Michael Vick has just been awarded by the American Humane Society
Update 3: BREAKING NEWS!!!!! OBAMA has just won the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award even though it's just Pre-season. See footage below...

Update 4: Obama wins more awards!!!!!


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