Saturday, July 04, 2009


Barrack Obama and DEMOCRATS have thus far committed $10.5 Trillion Dollars of your tax dollars to "stimulate" our economy. Here is a list of major expenditures thus far:


  • $787 billion on The Stimulus Bill also known as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • $410 billion on The 2009 Federal Budget Omnibus Spending Bill
  • $400 billion in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts
  • $345 billion in FHA housing rescue & Making Home Affordable bailout
  • $245 billion Citigroup loan-loss backstop
  • $218 billion TARP funds to hundreds of banks through its Capital Purchase Program
  • $100 billion Taxpayer funds used to buy up at least $500 billion of toxic assets
  • $97 billion Bank of America loan-loss backstop
  • $70 billion in TARP Bailout money to AIG
  • $70 billion Consumer and Business Lending Initiative also known as TALF
  • $53 billion in bailouts to General Motors
  • $29 billion Bear Stearns bailout
  • $27.5 billion in TARP Bailout money to Bank of America
  • $25 billion in TARP Bailout money to Citigroup
  • $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program
  • $18.5 billion in bailouts to Chrysler
  • $11.3 billion in 2009 FDIC bank takeovers

President Obama, his Economic Advisers and Democrats promised the Economy would improve immediately if the Stimulus Bill and Omnibus Spending Bills were passed and warned of economic Armageddon if they didn't pass ASAP.

  • President Obama has vowed to create 3.5 million jobs by 2010.

  • Obama's economic team argued that without the stimulus spending, the unemployment rate would hit 8.8% and with the package, the unemployment rate would only reach 7%

At the White House, Obama said on Feb. 4, “A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession, a less robust recovery, and a more uncertain future.”

Here are the results of President OBAMAS & Democrats Economic Stimulus Spending:

  • -467,000 Non-Farm Payroll Jobs were lost in June
  • -3,382,000 Jobs have been lost since OBAMA was inaugurated
  • National Unemployment is now 9.5%, the worst unemployment rate since 1983
  • Unemployment has gone from 7.2% to now 9.5% since OBAMA was inaugurated
  • The consumer confidence index fell to 49.3 in June from 54.8 in May. Economists polled by Reuters had expected a healthier reading of 55.0 for the month
  • First Quarter Gross Domestic Product has declined -5.5% since Obama was inaugurated
  • The index of current business conditions tumbled to 44.8 in June from 61.3 in May, a 27% decline.
  • Price Of Oil when Obama was Inaugurated was $38.74 per Barrel. Today the Price of Oil is $71.49 per barrel meaning Oil has increased 85% since Obama became President.
  • Average Price of a Gallon of Gas when Obama was inaugurated was $1.89. Today the Average Price of a Gallon of gas is $2.69 meaning gas has gone up 32% since Obama became President.
  • U.S. home prices have fallen 7.1% since Obama was inaugurated. The housing slump has reduced the median price of an existing home 26 percent from the July 2006 peak
  • DOW Industrial the day Obama was inaugurated was 8,228.10, DOW today with a DEM Congress, President OBAMA & the so-called Stimulus Bill = 8,163.60.

Comparing Republican Control to now Democratic Control

  • There were 132,469,000 Total Non-Farm Payroll Jobs when Bush came into office... And there were 135,074,000 Total Non-Farm Payroll Jobs when Bush left office.... A Net Increase of 2,605,000 jobs!
  • There were 135,074,000 Total Non-Farm Payroll Jobs when OBAMA came into office.... Currently there are 131,692,000 Total Non-Farm Payroll Jobs .. A Net Loss of -3,382,000 Jobs!
  • Unemployment when GOP last held majority 1/20/2007 was 4.4%, unemployment today with a DEM Congress and OBAMA= 9.5%
  • 20,802,000 Jobs were created when GOP controlled Congress from 1995-2006, Since DEMS took majority on 1/20/2007 we have lost -5,308,000 jobs!
  • DOW Industrial when GOP last Held Majority 1/20/2007 was 12,565.53, DOW today with a DEM Congress and OBAMA= 8,163.60
  • The DOW Jones industrial average has lost 35% of it's value since Democrats took control on 1/20/2007
  • Gross Domestic Product which monitors our economies growth showed a GDP Growth of 4.8% when the GOP had control, Since DEMS took Control on 1/20/2007 GDP has declined -6.3% The biggest decline in 29 YEARS!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Truth about Obamacare

100% Care
We already have 100% healthcare. Federal Law requires hospitals and ambulance services to provide care to anyone needing emergency treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay.

250 million Americans or 84% of the nation has health insurance coverage.

88 Million Americans are covered by the Government thru Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP and VA
41 Million Elderly and Disabled Americans are covered by Medicare
38 Million Poor Americans are covered by Medicaid
10 Million American Veterans are covered by the VA
20 Million American Children are covered by Medicaid & SCHIP

34% of the Black Population and 28% of the Hispanic population are covered by the Government Insurance

46.9 Million Americans or just 16% of the nation are uninsured

10% of the White Population, 20% of the black population and 34% of the Hispanic Population are uninsured

33 Million Americans or 71% of the uninsured make over $25,000 a year and thus can afford insurance yet choose not to.

27 million Americans or 58% of the uninsured are people aged 18-34, thus proving the majority of uninsured are healthier young Americans who choose not to buy insurance

14 million uninsured adults and children are currently eligible for government coverage, such as Medicaid or (SCHIP), but have not bothered to enroll.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, 71 percent of people with HSA (Health Savings Account) plans were previously uninsured.

A study by the Fraser Institute in 2008, indicated wait times by Canadians of 30 weeks for an MRI, 16+ weeks for specialists, 10+ weeks for urology and internal medicine, 15+ weeks for gynecology and otolaryngology, 20+ weeks for ophthalmology, 30+ weeks for neurosurgeons; and 35+ weeks for plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery.

21% of Canadian hospital administrators, but less than 1% of American administrators, said that it would take over three weeks to do a biopsy for possible breast cancer on a 50-year-old woman

50% of Canadian administrators versus none of their American counterparts said that it would take over six months for a 65-year-old to undergo a routine hip replacement surgery

In Canada, increasing demands for health care, due to the aging population, must be met by either increasing taxes or reducing other government programs.