Friday, June 23, 2006

Which War do we need to Win? How About defeating our enemies in the MSM?

I think we are all aware of the recent treasonous and seditious actions by the Liberal Drive By Mainstream Media Enemy as we recall past events such as:

Not to be outdone by Washingtongton Post, The New York Times and the LA Times have decided to bring on a slew of fresh new leaks in an attempt to undermine the USA's and Bush Administration's Global War on Terror. The Bush Administration through the Treasury Department has begged and pleaded with the Mainstream Media not to reveal a classified National Security Agency Surveillance Program that was developed to monitor and inspect possible terrorist related monies flowing in and out of the country. "Treasury Department officials spent 90 minutes Thursday meeting with the newspaper's reporters, stressing the legality of the program and urging the paper to not publish a story on the program. Administration officials were concerned that news reports of the program would diminish its effectiveness and could harm overall national security." Needless to say, the Liberal Drive By Mainstream Media Enemy decided to reveal our Terrorist Surveillance Programs to the terrorist enemy anyway.

In an amazing display of irony, the same day The NY Times & LA Times again leaked Highly Classified Terrorists Surveillance Programs, The FBI through the use of ongoing surveillance, uncovered a huge Al Qaeda Terrorists Plot to bomb the Sears Tower!! Seven young men arrested in an alleged plot against the Sears Tower were part of a group of "homegrown terrorists" who sought to work with al-Qaida but ended up conspiring with an informant, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday.

Now ask yourself............. WHO IS THE REAL ENEMY??????????

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

KERRY BLUFF Number 1,320,009

John Kerry has tried once again to set an Artificial Timeline to withdraw troops from IRAQ. Last week Kerry tried to set December 31, 2006 as the deadline and only received 6 Votes in the Senate to back his Amendment. Well this week, Kerry's Swift Boat was sunk again when his Batman & Robin Team (he and Russ Feingold) attempted to make July 1, 2007 the artificial timeline. Well Needless to say it failed LOL See for yourself

Word in the Senate after this mornings vote is: John Kerry has aligned himself with Ted Kennedy's Great Grandson to propose a New Amendment to withdraw troops from IRAQ by January 1, 2039 .

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Monday, June 19, 2006


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Thinking back to the days following September 11th, we remember the images of both Republicans and Democrats standing together vowing to stay united. Our nation was launched into an unprecedented war following the worst attack America had ever suffered from a foreign enemy in our history. But as time separated us from that day, we realized just who the people were that meant what they said then and those who felt the way they did purely out of emotional politics.

We can say officially today with resounding measure, backed by a congressional vote, that there is a faction within this country that does not want the United States to prevail in this global war on terrorism. The actions of the Democrat Party over the past couple of years has illustrated to us with clear and convincing evidence, they are a party who is more contempt with gaining power than they are with being victorious in this unprecedented battle. Liberal politicians that consider their favorable status from far left-wing political groups, who have invested in American defeat since their birth, more important than the overall good of the nation have made themselves known by leading the way with a cooperating media amplifying their cause.

From accusations of twisting intelligence, to what knee jerk Congressmen Murtha called the "cold blooded murder of innocent civilians by our Marines", we have seen and heard a chorus of irresponsible emotional outbursts much to the delight of our enemies and their cooperating propaganda institutions such as Al Jazeera. All this for the sole purpose of rallying their left wing political base and to help catapult them into a position of political power while neglecting the extreme danger posed upon us in these times. Just this morning, we learned of an abandoned plot by Al Qaeda to attack our New York City subway system with hydrogen cyanide gas. This subway system carries an approximate of seven million riders each day. This plot, although abandoned, was discovered back in 2003. Yet we remember it was the ACLU of New York who filed pending lawsuits against the NYPD for its program of random searches of those entering the subway. The ACLU, along with the usual crowd, screamed it was in violation of the 4th Amendment of the constitution. Just think of the ramifications of the largest subway system in the world, who's trains are used by more people than the total population of most cities, is attacked using a poisonous gas at the height of rush hour. Do you really think for one moment the far left-wing groups, their political puppets in congress and their cohorts in the mainstream media will ever stop to say?: "Well at least our version of constitutional rights were protected." Do you think they will continue to be totally satisfied with using the often repeated quote once used by Benjamin Franklin?: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Not a chance!! Instead we will be bombarded for calls of impeachment of the president, whose hands they are constantly trying to tie.

Can any of you believe for one moment, after the politically inspired 911 Commission Investigation, the likes of a Sen. Feingold and a Sen. Specter would ever say?: " Well at least the national security agency did not violate the rights of would be suspects half way across the world by listening in on their telephone conversations without a warrant". Of course not! They would be focusing on more important matters inspired by Michael Moore fans, for example: Why did the president wear a red tie when he should have worn a blue one? National Security does not mean a thing to these people because they have too much invested in groups that are bent on hating the United States and would like nothing better than a defeated super power. Due to the likes of Howard Dean and company, these radical left-wing groups are now in control of the purse that bankrolls the new DNC. Nothing is more evident than the recent debate, if you want to call it that, over the current situations in Iraq. Never in the history of the United States has their been such a heated attempt to undermine the United States military during a time of war. Comparisons are made to the Vietnam era, but Vietnam was not a war that we became engaged in after an attack and the death of over 3,000 Americans. There are those who say Iraq did not attack us on September 11th. However, it was clear to us on September 12th, even to those in opposition to today's situation, that the war we were about to be engaged in was just as much about preventing future attacks as much as it was about responding to a specific attack.

Finally, there are those who say "Iraq was not a threat to us". They also pretend that we have only been debating "since" the buildup to the invasion. As if before President Bush was elected and before the "oppose Bush on anything" mentality developed, there was never a debate or question about Iraq being a threat to the United States and its Allies! Naturally though, as we have witnessed this past week, and too many times over the recent years, liberal politicians are catering to the groups of American defeat. Up until recently, it has always been the American policy that partisan politics stops at the shores. We have entered a new era where part of the war is being fought here through the propaganda front. It is up to the responsible citizens of the United States to engage the mentality of defeat and whose sympathy lies with the enemy. It is not only our current enemy, it has been any enemy since the cold war. It is up to our elected politicians, who supposedly represent our views, to engage the liberals who are trying to advance the defeat doctrine through their votes. It is also up to these politicians to put the safety and security of this nation above anything else and shut down this defeat America pulse.